Typographie comme Topographie (B)

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This is a Master thesis (HEAD, Geneva) from Maximilien Pellegrini. He is also graduated from ECAL (BA, 2018).

"One morning in the 1960s, the Swiss typographer Wolfgang Weingart was the victim of a hazard: a drawer full of typographic characters - formerly made of lead - fell to the ground. Visionary, he decided to group them in a circular ring, then to turn them over in order to reveal their hidden sides. From this act, Weingart gave birth to a new composition by creating a typographic printing project entitled « Round Compositions ».

Six years later, during a trip to ancient Phoenicia - the cradle of our Greek-Roman writing - he photographed cities such as Damascus and Palmyra, their ruins and fragments. It is in his book retracing the entirety of his work that Weingart will link his two projects by comparing his photographs with « Round Compositions », thus creating a visual metaphor, a new approach at the image of the lead character. A typography as a topography." – Maximilien Pellegrini

– Author: Maximilien Pellegrini
– Designer: Maximilien Pellegrini
– Publisher: Self-published
– Year: 2019
– Language: French
– Pages: 100
– Size: 195 x 290 mm

– Hand-made in Switzerland
– 15 copies produced
– Each book has unique cover design (This is cover B)